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ABOUT ROTRANEXT – the future of shipping

As a digital freight forwarder, we enable our customers to work more efficiently and save costs and time with the rotraNext digital platform. RotraNext gives you 24/7 control over your supply chain and your logistics management.

Using our platform, customers can view their rates 24/7 (or no longer have to wait for a quote), track all shipments based on real-time information (or no longer have to call or email for the status of a shipment), upload documents quickly and easily, and all shipment information can be integrated into the customer's ERP/system using our free Rotra API.

RotraNext makes a complex, labour-intensive logistics chain simple, efficient and transparent. Personal contact will remain an important part of the chain for us. Even though we have digitised the entire supply chain, Rotra colleagues are always ready to provide support. Digital where possible, personal when needed!


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